The automated online check writer

The easiest & modern way to

Digitally write and mail checks to your vendors and suppliers without ever touching a paper check or mailbox.

No data entry. No manual books reconciliation. No hassle.

More than 1,000 businesses have grown with Chexks

See how our clients have saved time, money, and have leveled up their business success with Chexks

“We are able to better control our group of franchisee's cashflow with Chexks, their payment app has radically change how we pay our vendors, while keeping them happy.”

“Reconciling my client's books has never been easier, 2-way sync keeps the books updated without creating double entry errors and headaches.”

What you can do with Chexks.

We import your bills from your QuickBooks Online account.

Select invoices to Pay, We do the rest!

Payment gets reconciled in QuickBooks Online! We post the check directly to your account.

We print and stuff your Check in the mail.

Your check clears until your supplier cashes the check! We don’t touch your funds.

Integrate your accounting system with Chexks.

With our two-way cloud accounting integration capabilities, it's easy and fast to pay vendors and suppliers right from Chexks, without manual print, mail and reconciliation processes.

Learn more about integrations

Pay outstanding bills from Chexks

No paper. No printer. No post office. No vendor or supplier bank account numbers. And we don't hold your money for days either.

Fair pricing for a complete solution

Chexks is the last online check writing and mailing solution you'll ever need.

Secure payments every time

No need to use or store payee bank account and routing numbers.

No-touch check payment

No more printing, stubbing, post-office runs or manual bookkeeping.

Seamless integration with your cloud accounting system

Sync with your existing accounting systems. Payments get posted automatically. No manual re-entry needed.

Trusted by many companies.

How Chexks works

Chexks is a modern, easy way to pay vendors and suppliers right from your computer or device.


We import your vendor invoices and bills.

With our cloud accounting integrations, we automatically bring all outstanding bills.


Choose which ones to pay.

Simply select vendor bills and invoices, individually or by group.


Click "pay." That's it!

We do the check printing and mailing!

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