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Built for better cash flow, forged to free up your time.

We completely automate the check writing and sending process, with integrations to keep your books reconciled. It's as simple as click and pay.

Eliminate the tedious, repetitive work of getting payment approvals. Chexks does it all for you in just a couple of clicks.

Choose whom to pay based on priority.

Keep vendors informed every step of the way from payment issuance to when they get it in the mail.

Manage approvals effortlessly with our automated software.

Improve your clients' cashflow with Chexks' no-added-fee solution.

Make their money last to keep healthy balances! We don't touch their money, so it stays put until the vendor cashes the check.

Auto-sync from their cloud accounting system. One source of truth, finally!

No more manual reconciliation. It's all built in.

Be the efficiency change agent with streamlined payment operations that let your team work faster.

Create flexible, custom payment workflows to keep teams moving.

Payments are posted to your cloud accounting system automatically.

Let your team focus on more complex tasks and avoid the tedious ones!

Contactless payments have never been easier or more cost- and workflow-efficient.

Keep your cash. It doesn't leave your account until the vendor cashes the check.

Realize the speed and ease of software efficiencies that keep your vendors happy too.

Whatever flexibility your payment approval workflows require, we've got you covered.

Integrate your accounting system with Chexks.

With our two-way cloud accounting integration capabilities, it's easy and fast to pay vendors and suppliers right from Chexks, without manual print, mail and reconciliation processes.

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